Tunxis Foundation Scholarship Application

Tunxis Foundation Scholarship Application

Acceptance for scholarship applications has now closed for this year.

The Tunxis Community College Foundation is proud to announce it is accepting scholarship applications for 2017.  Our two page pdf application & essay (on the second page) are required for scholarship consideration and are due by 11:59pm 2/9/2017 via email to hsneed@new.tunxisfoundation.org

Essay: “What do you hope to achieve and how will this scholarship help you to achieve it?”
Hint: What is your story and how does Tunxis play a part in your future?
Our scholarship committee plans to meet in March and students will be notified by mid May.  Scholarship and awards night is planned for Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 5pm on campus, “under the tents.”

Our Tunxis Library, CCSU Library and public libraries throughout the State are available to students who may not have laptops or at home computer access.

We do have more students than scholarships but every month we are fortunate to have more people donate. Last year we had 284 applicants and awarded over 90 scholarships.  Thank you for applying and good luck!