The Emergency Fund Helps When Life Gets Tough

didyouknowYou may know that the Tunxis Foundation (TCCF) has awarded a lot of money in scholarships for tuition and fees over the years – in fact, over $370,000 since 2010.  But, did you know that it also helps students struggling to pay for basic needs? The Student Emergency Fund provides a helping hand to students who find themselves in challenging situations.  These may be veterans returning from combat, parents of a special needs child or students who have lost jobs.

Here’s a look at some of the ways the Emergency Fund supported students in 2015:

  • A Windows tablet was provided to a student who could not afford one and who needed it to take his online courses.
  • An overdue utility bill was paid on behalf of a student working two part-time jobs and taking care of her disabled mother.
  • The tuition for a phlebotomy course was paid for a recently laid-off single mother.

These relatively small disbursements generate big time rewards and ensure that students continue their studies and keep progressing toward their dream of a better life for themselves and their families.
So now you know.