The Emergency Fund Helps When Life Gets Tough

didyouknowYou may know that the Tunxis Foundation (TCCF) has awarded a lot of money in scholarships for tuition and fees over the years – in fact, over $370,000 since 2010.  But, did you know that it also helps students struggling to pay for basic needs? The Student Emergency Fund provides a helping hand to students who find themselves in challenging situations.  These may be veterans returning from combat, parents of a special needs child or students who have lost jobs.

Here’s a look at some of the ways the Emergency Fund supported students in 2015:

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An On-Campus Oasis for Tunxis Veterans

Tunxis Veterans Oasis Logo 2014The transition from serving in a combat zone back into civilian life is filled with challenges.  Fortunately, for returning servicemen and women attending Tunxis, the Veterans’ OASIS (Operation Academic Support for Incoming Service Members) helps with that transition by serving as an on-campus refuge. There, students can hang out, do their homework and make connections with other students who also face the challenge of transitioning back to civilian life.

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Scholarship Honors the Life of Inspiring 78-Year-Old Graduate

ficksIn a hospital room packed with family and friends, 78-year old Peggy Ficks achieved her lifelong goal of graduating from college.

Ficks was supposed to walk with her classmates at the Tunxis Community College Commencement ceremony but a terminal illness and hospitalization derailed that plan. Shortly after learning of the situation, Tunxis President Cathryn L. Addy and Dean of Students Kirk Peters decided to bring graduation to her.  With “Pomp and Circumstance” playing on a cell phone, a fully robed Addy and Peters marched down the hall of the hospital wing to Peggy’s hospital room. A private graduation followed and she earned her associate degree in general studies. Says her daughter Laura Ficks, “That degree made our mother’s life complete. It was the last thing she wanted before she died. We will never be able to find words to describe the gift that Dr. Addy and Dr. Peters gave our mother. We will be forever grateful.”

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$57,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Outstanding Students

tunxis foundation featured image

“After spending all year raising money, this is the night we get to give a bunch of it away to students looking to make a better life for themselves.”

The 32nd Student Achievement Recognition Ceremony, held in Founders Hall on May 21, cast a spotlight on star students whose accomplishments merited special recognition. Amidst applause, students walked to the podium to receive their awards as faculty, staff and family members looked on proudly. The ceremony marked the culmination of hard work and dedication on the part of the students, many of whom face obstacles to their studies.  President Cathryn L. Addy remarked, Tonight shows that for Tunxis students, the journey is as important as the destination.”

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Motives and Thoughts – Herbie Browne Speech

Herbie Browne

“…as a recipient of this scholarship, I want to say thank you for your support and please continue supporting this great foundation so another life can be touched as well.”

– Herbie Browne

Herbie Browne

Motives and Thoughts

I am humbled to be in front of you all to share my story. A story deeply rooted into Tunxis Community College and I am very grateful to the Tunxis Community College Foundation for not only giving me the scholarship to advance my education but for also allowing me to be here to speak.

In 1970, Sophia Naaman-Browne and a few others founded Tunxis Community College. Her vision of this educational institution was phenomenal. Tunxis provides anyone with the ability to enhance or even change their career as long as they are willing to work. Knowing that my great—grandmother had a part in the creation of this institution gives me a much deeper appreciation and connection. She understood the importance of an education. In fact, the Hartford Courant said, “She was the first African American woman to sit on the Board of Education.”

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Patricia Daly

Tunxis Foundation Scholarship Recipient, Dental Hygiene Service Learning Participant Thanks to Tunxis Foundation donors, I participated in oral health service learning projects where I was able to put my experience in the classroom to work in the community by helping underserved populations.

Barry Sniadack

Tunxis Foundation Scholarship Recipient, General Studies Major Because of Tunxis Foundation, I got to experience Navajo life, culture and arts firsthand and gained valuable skills along the way as I helped the Navajos document aspects of their culture that are in danger of extinction. I was able to put my knowledge to the test long … Read more

State of the Connecticut Economy by Scott Whipple

New Britain Herald

FARMINGTON — James Smith, chairman and CEO of Webster Bank, had a mixed message about the state’s economy Thursday at the Annual Economic Conference of Tunxis Community College Foundation. Speaking at the Farmington Club, Smith reviewed the current state of the Connecticut economy and gave his perspective on how to grow the state’s economy. Smith joined Webster in … Read more