Graduating Student “ Pays it Forward ”

Joanna_PachockaThe Foundation received an unexpected surprise at its Donor Recognition event on May 1. Tunxis student and guest speaker Joanna Pachocka announced to the crowd that she would donate $1,000 for a Tunxis student scholarship in 2015. Pachocka fought back tears as she talked about how important giving back to the Foundation was to her and how happy she was to be able to help another student.

Pachocka lost her job after 19 years working at Travelers Insurance. She wasn’t sure what her future would hold, but she knew she wanted to build websites and provide sources of income for companies online. She also knew she needed to go back to college.

Pachocka loved Tunxis the minute she stepped foot on campus. She recalls, “Tunxis was so inviting, the teachers were so supportive and I just loved going there.” During her second semester Pachocka applied for the Tunxis Scholarship and received $1,000. She was so touched by the generosity of the Foundation, and after reflecting on her time at Tunxis and how it had affected her life, she decided she wanted to help someone fulfill their dreams of an education. “There were all these young adults there that [I felt] needed the money more than I did and I was very deeply touched,” said Pachocka.

“I said, next year I want to be the one giving the money. Pachocka believes that education is valuable to everyone whether it’s a student fresh out of high school, someone who has never been to college but wants to get their foot in the door, or even older adults in the middle of their careers who want to keep up with changing technology and workplace demands. “Scholarships are so important, especially since college is so expensive now,” said Pachocka. “Even some Tunxis students can’t afford the price. When they start college they don’t make much money, and it is a relief not to have that burden while you’re going to school.”

The Foundation greatly appreciates Joanna Pachoka’s donation, and encourages Tunxis alumni to think about giving back to students in need.

If you are interested in hearing more about ways you can help,
please contact the Foundation at 860.773.1357.