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Motives and Thoughts – Herbie Browne Speech

Herbie Browne

“…as a recipient of this scholarship, I want to say thank you for your support and please continue supporting this great foundation so another life can be touched as well.”

– Herbie Browne

Herbie Browne

Motives and Thoughts

I am humbled to be in front of you all to share my story. A story deeply rooted into Tunxis Community College and I am very grateful to the Tunxis Community College Foundation for not only giving me the scholarship to advance my education but for also allowing me to be here to speak.

In 1970, Sophia Naaman-Browne and a few others founded Tunxis Community College. Her vision of this educational institution was phenomenal. Tunxis provides anyone with the ability to enhance or even change their career as long as they are willing to work. Knowing that my great—grandmother had a part in the creation of this institution gives me a much deeper appreciation and connection. She understood the importance of an education. In fact, the Hartford Courant said, “She was the first African American woman to sit on the Board of Education.”

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