A History of Giving Comes Full Circle with Tunxis Student

herbie_browneHerbert Browne IV is an extraordinary student with a long family history at Tunxis Community College. His great-grandmother, the late Sophia Naaman-Browne, was one of the founders of Tunxis Community College. The Hartford Courant reported she was the first African American woman to sit on the Board of Education. His great-grandmother and great-grandfather, the late Herbert J. Browne, Sr., a retired vice president of Plainville Electro Plating, lived in Plainville for over 50 years and created a scholarship fund at Tunxis Community College in the 1980s. In 1977, the couple was jointly awarded the Plainville Citizens of the Year Awards for their outstanding participation in the political, humanitarian, and scholarly arenas of the lives of all Plainville and many Connecticut residents.

Their great-grandson, Herbert J. Browne, IV is currently a student at Tunxis, majoring in marketing and a Foundation scholarship recipient working on fulfilling his dreams of opening his own marketing company.

Browne spoke emotionally at this year’s Economic Conference when he told the crowd that life gets in the way sometimes, which can hinder academic progress. “I want to thank the Tunxis Community College Foundation for providing the funds to help me to continue my education—it is very important to my family and me,” said Browne, who doesn’t want financial troubles to slow him down. Browne’s family has had its share of ups and downs, with several family members who struggle to pay the bills even while working over 60 hours a week. “You just never know what potential could be unlocked when a person does not have to stress about how they can afford to pay for school,”said Browne, who acknowledged that pursuing a quality education will break this cycle and lead to a successful and happier life in the future.

“Foundations are built by the support of self-sacrificing people like you who care for others success,” he continued. “So as a recipient of this scholarship, I want to say thank you for your support and please continue supporting this great Foundation so another life can be touched as well.”