A Dynamic Duo Retires From Tunxis and Brings Light to the Foundation

BencivengoMary Bencivengo and Ruth DeLeo have worked at Tunxis Community College for over five decades combined! Both retired this past June, but their parting gifts, totaling close to $13,000, will help Tunxis students pursue their dreams. In honor of their retirements, donors and well-wishers gave close to $3,000 to the Mary Bencivengo Allied Health Scholarship and general fund, which included a celebration at Hawk’s Landing Country Club on May 28 for the two retirees.
A few weeks later, Bencivengo presented the Foundation with another check for $5,000 that was collected for her retirement, a gift that she and her husband agreed to match for her scholarship fund. This was great news for the Foundation and allied health students at Tunxis.
Bencivengo served at Tunxis for 36 years, most recently as division director of the allied health department. She helped raise thousands of dollars for the Foundation during her tenure, most of which was used for allied health and dental hygiene students in need. “The Foundation is important because it supports students’ scholarly endeavors, academic programing and encourages learning beyond the classroom,” said Bencivengo. “It also gives the College a window of opportunity to engage with our community which is essential to its mission.”
“Students are always my first concern. They are why we are all here,” said DeLeo, an administrative assistant for the allied health and dental hygiene departments, who had worked at Tunxis for 25 years. “The Foundation is all about helping students complete their education through the scholarships itawards.” Bencivengo and DeLeo are now volunteering for the Foundation.