2018 Giving Appeal Brochure


These are exciting times at Tunxis Community College! Our enrollment has increased, we have new leadership and we are expanding our programs to meet the workforce needs. The Tunxis Community College Foundation is proud to foster support that comes from generous donors like yourself. We know that the financial burden of higher education comes at a cost, so we look at creative ways to support the students and the campus for a better tomorrow.

Last year the Tunxis Foundation was able to award over $100,000.00 in scholarships to 90 students. That alone makes an impact. However, we want to do more. We need to invest in our campus. We need to invest in our academic programs and support the programs where state support has fallen short with recent state budget cuts.

Together, we are asking you for your support. This year we are launching a “Making a Difference” giving campaign – a campaign that will support not only scholarships, but also annual gifts to the campus that will have an immediate impact for our students and campus. Your gifts will be used to fund grants for faculty and staff to add enrichment programs to their courses, and to update technology.

We are a warm and nurturing academic community, and we hope that all of you who have shared in the Tunxis experience in some way will contribute this year. Your gift is vitally important to us. Whether large or small, every gift makes a difference, and every donation represents a community that values education, students and workforce sustainability.

Please join us in supporting Tunxis Community College in making difference!


Tunxis Community College Foundation

Tunxis Community College


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